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Version history

Version 1.14

  • new: sharing of coordinates with other apps
  • fix: change of navigation target

Version 1.13

  • new: minor improvements
  • fix: bug fixes

Version 1.11

  • new: image gallery, storing images offline
  • fix: saving of waypoits from averaging
  • fix: GPX import – listing, better progress bar
  • fix: lost of note after Gc Live update
  • fix: opening cache detail from map, if data source is Gc Live

Version 1.10

  • new: navigation to a cache or waypoint using Google maps
  • fix: map issue

Version 1.09

  • new: trip statistics, averaging the coordinates
  • fix: filter on Ice Cream Sandwitch 4.0.x
  • fix: update of Google maps URL - <b>remove /sdcard/adrake/map-config.xml, new one will be created</b>
  • fix: optimization of map
  • fix: shorter delay before map context menu is displayed
  • fix: modified time of signal playback when approaching the cache
  • fix: formula solver, brackets, unarny minus, better normalization

Version 1.08

  • new: formula solver
  • fix: number of fixes

Version 1.07

  • new: copy, paste and delete of waypoint coordinates
  • fix: new German translation
  • fix: Live cache list - open detail and back
  • fix: rotate map with context menu visible
  • fix: disabled reading of Waymarks from Gc Live

Version 1.06

  • new: turn off GPS when not used
  • fix: automatically switch to Geocaching Live if database is empty
  • fix: map - absolute path for map file, fixed empty URL, improved downloading of tiles
  • fix: progress dialog while saving log
  • fix: behavior of settings activity
  • fix: Attended as default log type of Events
  • fix: crashes in filter by position
  • fix: crashes in list of caches

Version 1.05

  • new: download of 10 last logs of the cache
  • new: automatic loading of other caches in the list from the web
  • new: mass update of status of selected caches
  • new: basic cipher toopls
  • new: option to ask for the way of sending logs
  • new: track log manager
  • new: filter coordinates from ad-hoc waypoints or by address
  • fix: search by stars
  • fix: switch reading of bearing back from GPS to compass
  • fix: bearing in compass and map in landscape mode

Version 1.04

  • new: filter by size, difficulty and terrain
  • new: projection of waypoint
  • new: detail of waypoint - digit sum of coordinates, user defined protection against overwriting on import
  • new: use GPS Status if available
  • new: sending longs to the web - option to save as Field Note or promote to log
  • fix: screen of ad-hoc waypoints
  • fix: moving of map to navigation target (turns off moving map automatically)
  • fix: loading of waypoints in cache detail - too strict filter

Version 1.03

  • fix: test of final waypoint on database selection
  • fix: layoutu of browse file dialog
  • fix: new keys for Geocaching Live <b style=“color:red”>(new login reccomended)</b>
  • new: sorting of caches list
  • new: move to SD card enabled (requires Android 2.2 and newer)

Version 1.02

  • new: option for rounding of field note time
  • fix: restart of application when HOME button was used
  • fix: export of Field Notes in UTF-16
  • fix: a few errors, which could be reason of crash

Version 1.01

  • new: option to hide track on map
  • fix: invalid message “Not authorized” on cache download
  • new: disabling of filter options if Cache Code is filled
  • new: map - green background for all caches with final waypoint, where it makes sense

Version 1.0

  • The first public release
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