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a:Drake is a freeware application for Android devices designed to do paperless Geocaching.

If you wonder where the name came from, here is explanation: cacher in czech sounds like “kačer” and it is duck male, i.e. drake :-)

a:Drake is designed for off-line work, ie. without internet connection. It's possible to download data on-line, but this possibility is meant as a tool for quick update not as main way of program usage. Cache data is downloaded via Geocaching Live, it means, user has to be Premium Member to be able to use this feature without significant restrictions.

There is similar application PocketDrake running on Windows Mobile devices.


Main menu List of selected caches List of pending logs

Detail - main data  Detail - listing Detail - logs Detail - compass

Map - OSM Map - OSM Map - mapy.cz with different filter

Map - OSM Map - OSM Map - OSM

Filter - properties Filter - cache types Filter - waypoint types Filter - Location

Features overview

  • finger-frienly
  • database of geocaches and waypoints (not included)
    • database fully compatible with GeoGet
    • can handle huge data volume, tested on 30 000+ caches (plus waypoints)
  • complete cache information
    • coordinates
    • terrain and difficulty
    • distance and direction
    • attributes
    • listing (original HTML)
    • list of assigned waypoints
    • logs
    • own notes
    • own log as Field Notes
  • navigation to cache or waypoint
    • compass
  • export Field Notes and on-line sending to website
    • customizable text of log, include time, note and sequence number
  • map
    • various map sources - www.mapy.cz, Google, OpenStreetMap
    • automatic download
    • automatic saving for off-line use
    • Google Maps, Open Street etc.