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Solving formulas


Two information is necessary to solve a formula

  • variables
  • formula itself

Variables are usually common for all waypoints, they are stored in cache note.

There could be more waypoints with different formulas, we store formulas in waypoint note.

Formulas steb by step

1. Collect variables and write them into cache note, follow these simple rules:

The cache note has two modes. If there is a pencil in the top right corner, you are editing general note. if there is (X)= in the corner, you are editing variables.

  • name and value is separated by colon or equal sign, example A=1 B:3
  • variables must me separated by space or line break
  • it is possible to assign more letters at a time, example ABC=456

2. Copy formula from listing to clipboard
3. Create a waypoint
4. Add formula to the waypoint

(1) Adjust formula so that the first line of the formula is for the latitude (N/S) and the other for the longitude (E/W)
(2) Open formula solver tapping Calculate formulas

5. Fine tune formulas

Edit formulas to follow basic syntax rules:

  • separately calculated groups of digits are enclosed in square brackets [ ]
  • supported math operations are add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), divide (/), power (^) and round bracket
  • priority of operators is respected, ie, first to multiply and divide and then add and subtract

Use the Normalize formulas to simplify editing:

  • replaces outer round brackets with square ones
  • removes unnecessary characters
  • replaces decimal comma with dot

Now, we can try Calculate formulas

6. Calculation

If there is an error in the formula (wrong syntax, the brackets doesn't match, undefined variable), the error message appears in Result box, otherwise there are calculated coordinates. Digit sum is automatically calculated too.

Evaluation error Evaluated

The result can be edited and finally used as waypoint coordinate.


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